lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Lyrics all over the world

We love Lyrics

Ok, Right, there are dozen millons of lyrics sites, but we have a project, not a dead site, we are proud to introduce , When mostly of the songs are about jamaican artists.

We are reggae fans and personally a bob marley fan, so I begin as a bob marley lyrics website, anyway i started to listen so many great artists that bob nowadays is just one of my collection.

So, We are trying to generate concerts information and artists informatio, may be you sould help sending some info of these great artists.

We want to make a fans community of reggae songs, chords and lyrics. You could help sending your own lyrics why not?

Peter Tosh, Marley family or yellowman, we love them all. This website becomes bigger and bigger, so we decided to open it doors to others styles as pop or rock, Now our database its about 27.000 songs.

Thanks for follow us! One Love

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